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Total Pool Solutions

Whether you just bought a house with a pool or are looking to install new features on one you've owned for years, G & J Pool Repairs, LLC and G & J Perfect Pools, LLC has the tools and skills to take care of the job. Based in Sarasota, Florida, our dedicated pool technicians keep your water clear. Our licensed and experienced contractor will ensure your pool equipment is running properly.

Clean Stone Swimming Pool

Keeping Your Water Crystal Clear

We work hand in hand with our sister company, G & J Perfect Pools, LLC and G & J Perfect Pools, LLC to provide you with exceptional pool cleaning and regular service. Our enthusiastic sales manager has a wealth of knowledge on products that make your maintenance a breeze. You'll feel better knowing your pool is safe, clean, and ready to be used any time. Weekly pool services include:

• Brushing Pool Walls & Floor
• Cleaning Waterline Tile
• Clean Waterline Tiles with Tile Soap & Tile Brush
• Filter Cleaning Every Four to Six Weeks
• Re-Balancing Water Chemistry
• Vacuuming As Required